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InsurTech Spotlight: Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies is a provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications. With a market-leading focus on accessible documents for the millions of North Americans who are blind, partially sighted or cognitively impaired, Crawford Technologies’ AccessibilityNow is a complete platform for the creation and management of accessible insurance documents.

CrawfordTech’s PRO Archiver product suite provides the ability to use ECM and cloud content services systems as storage repositories for transactional documents such as policies, EOBs and other documents which drive the insurance business. CrawfordTech’s PRO Conductor is a workflow management platform that automates document processes and provides dashboards to maintain visibility into the progress of production processes.

The Operations Express solution provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities for organizations to repurpose legacy print applications to achieve efficient print/mail and eDelivery objectives without the need to modify legacy application programs. It provides support for conversions to PDF and mobile formats like HTML5.

What makes us an InsurTech:

As the insurance industry maximizes the use of technology to adapt to the Age of the Customer, Crawford Technologies has developed PRO Preference Manager, which provides a comprehensive configurable and extensible solution for managing customer communication delivery preferences, encompassing all forms for paper and eDelivery options in the market.

CrawfordTech’s Go Mobile component allows documents to be dynamically converted and delivered to customers in mobile-ready format, even though the documents may have been created in a PDF or print format by a legacy application.

The AccessibilityNow platform allows insurance companies to achieve compliance with ADA, S508 and other accessibility regulations for their documents, such as policies, EOBs, etc.

Major features & technology used:

Crawford Technologies uses AI techniques in analyzing documents so that accessibility tags can be automatically applied to documents correctly. Our solutions provide insurance companies with the architecture and tools to achieve omni-channel communications for customers of all abilities.

About Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies develops solutions that help enterprises optimize and improve the secure and accessible delivery, storage and presentment of their customer communications. As an award-winning, global provider of products and services with over 1,800 customers on six continents, Crawford Technologies enables some of the world’s largest banks, insurers, healthcare providers, utilities and print services companies to reduce costs, simplify processes and streamline mission-critical communications across all channels and in all formats. For more information, visit www.crawfordtech.com.

Source: Crawford Technologies


CATEGORY: Technology Provider

MATURITY STATUS: Mature (>3 years)

PRODUCT OR SERVICE: AccessibilityNow, PRO Archiver, PRO Conductor, Operations Express software and services

AREA: Property & Casualty and Life & Health Insurance

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