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InsurTech Spotlight: JAUNTIN’

JAUNTIN’ works with insurance carriers to take the carrier and its partners from ideation to proof-of-concept to commercialization in the on-demand short-term insurance space. Product agnostic with a focus on the freelance/gig market.

What makes us an InsurTech:

JAUNTIN’ takes an consultech approach with insurance carriers to identify which product areas are the most ideal for short-term insurance. They assist with the creation of the insurance product/pricing, creation of the proof-of-concept and finally deploys the commercialized product on the JAUNTIN’ platform in a fraction of the time it would take carriers to deploy on their own systems.

Major features & technology used:

A knowledge and technology ‘stack’ of micro-services that allows partners to get into the on-demand insurance space quickly. Future integration will include chatbots and blockchain technologies.

News & Updates

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JAUNTIN’ enables insurance carriers to distribute scaleable on-demand micro-insurance both directly and through third-party apps/websites. For more information, please visit jauntin.com.

Source: JAUNTIN’


CATEGORY: Technology Provider

MATURITY STATUS: Pivoting (toward Start-Up status)

PRODUCT OR SERVICE: On-demand insurance consultech & distribution platform

AREA: Property & Casualty and Life & Health Insurance

PROJECT URL:  Visit Website