Spotlight tag: startup

InsurTech Spotlight: Chisel

Chisel’s purpose-built AI solution for commercial insurance reads unstructured data 400 times faster than a human with greater accuracy.

InsurTech Spotlight: Apollo Exchange

Apollo Exchange is a digitally enabled insurance marketplace, empowering brokers, consumers, and underwriters to apply for, quote, and bind insurance policies online.

InsurTech Spotlight: ClientDesk

One of Canada’s leading software platforms for independent insurance brokerages, ClientDesk powers core functions of the digital insurance experience such as Engagement, Self Service, and Claims Management.

InsurTech Spotlight: BrokerLift

BrokerLift is an eCommerce Platform purpose-built for Insurance Brokers to digitally sell “transactional” products to their customers from their preferred Insurance Partners.

InsurTech Spotlight: Finaeo

Finaeo is building the digital fabric to connect and power the life insurance industry, globally.

InsurTech Spotlight: ProNavigator

ProNavigator is an insurance technology company that uses artificial intelligence to automate conversations across the insurance value chain and improve internal operational efficiencies.

InsurTech Spotlight: InsureToday

The traditional process of purchasing tenants insurance is both time-consuming and inefficient; InsureToday addressed this issue by launching a youthful brand focused on simplifying the purchasing process for renters in British Columbia.

Insurtech Spotlight: AHA Insurance

A brand-new experience for Ontarians to buy insurance online in minutes, providing full transparency about coverage options and pricing with full omni-channel support.

InsurTech Spotlight: Swift Digital Insurance

Swift is an entirely digital insurance broker in Western Canada. Swift offers broker value with an online-only platform.

InsurTech Spotlight: Eddy Solutions

Eddy Solutions is an industry leader in intelligent leak protection and water monitoring solutions.

InsurTech Spotlight: Plasmatic Technologies

Plasmatic Technologies extracts value from streaming Smart Home data by leveraging the growing adoption of Connected Home devices in the presence of insurance industry needs for homeowner data insights and stronger customer engagement.

InsurTech Spotlight: Slice Labs

Slice entered the market with the first on-demand homeshare insurance product in the U.S.

InsurTech Spotlight: Trufla Technology

Trufla delivers a 360° digital strategy – a complete suite of digital solutions for modern insurance brokerages.

InsurTech Spotlight: Alert Labs

Alert Labs designs and manufactures a suite of smart building sensors that are on the cutting edge of property protection.

InsurTech Spotlight: Volyse

Volyse Virtual Travel Health makes sure travelers are well equipped for their travels.

InsurTech Spotlight: PolicyAdvisor is an innovative insurance marketplace that allows consumers to digitally access life insurance, critical illness insurance, and mortgage protection products from 16 of the largest insurance carriers in Canada.

InsurTech Spotlight: Zensurance

Zensurance is an online commercial insurance brokerage obsessed with making the process of purchasing small business insurance simple and fast.

InsurTech Spotlight: Foxquilt

Foxquilt is a Canadian financial technology company focused on using big data and machine learning to empower social groups to save on Home, Small Business and Auto insurance.

InsurTech Spotlight: Element AI

Element AI delivers AI products at scale to help people work smarter.

InsurTech Spotlight: BiiCanada

BiiCanada is first and foremost a risk management/loss prevention firm.

InsurTech Spotlight: Bene-FIX

Bene-FIX has created the technology and put together its ecosystem to replace more than 5,000 mostly incompatible systems to manage Group Insurance with one single system providing for input just once.

InsurTech Spotlight: PolicyMe

PolicyMe provides a platform for customers to get life insurance advice in 5 minutes under a convenient and “pressure-free” environment.

InsurTech Spotlight: Breathe Life

Breathe Life has built a digital transformation platform that delivers a modern, customer-centric experience with tools and analytics that are reshaping the insurance industry and driving business growth.

InsurTech Spotlight: FormHero

FormHero is a rapidly expanding low-code Smart Forms platform for transforming legacy and paper processes into dynamic and elegant digital experiences.